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The quality of its products is of great importance to Total: the standards applied by Total are more stringent than the legal standards. That is why the fuel oil marketed by Total is continuously analysed:


  • in our refinery, in every production phase
  • upon arrival at the depot after transport (per pipeline, inland vessel, lorry or train)
  • regularly and in accordance with the planning in our depots


Total relies on comprehensive logistics for the nationwide distribution of its fuel oil to private persons. Total’s logistical chain is organised around Regional Centres and subsidiary companies in or around several major cities and also includes a dense network of distributors. This allows Total to guarantee its customers a continuous supply of high-quality products.


Under the name of Total Mazout Ultra, Total markets a fuel oil product which sets an example for other providers. Thanks to the specific action of an exclusive additive, the product offers several benefits for consumers, such as a lower consumption and protection of installations. More than 75% of our customers uses Total Mazout Ultra.



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